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       From beginning to end, this service proved to be exceptional in every aspect possible. They were more than willing to help me at short notice and displayed great levels of professionalism throughout. Thank you for a fantastic job done - I will definitely return.    
Diana V.18/12/2023

       As planned, the cleaning team arrived; politeness and expertise were present - the outcome of their efforts was quite remarkable.    

       If you're looking for top-notch house cleaning service without having to pay an arm and a leg, then I strongly suggest you try out Crystal Palace Cleaning Service.     
Alicia Smith01/03/2023

       The cleaners completed a thorough job. CrystalPalaceCleaners tackled all those problem areas with ease and left my property spotless.    
Lance H.08/02/2019

       To be honest I wasn't really expecting Cristal Palace Cleaning Company to live up to my standards for home cleaning as I'm very particular about things. I only hired them as I was working too much to clean too, but the team really surprised me - they did a superb job and now I rely on them to keep my home clean, so they must be good.    
Han G.13/12/2017

        Crystal Palace Cleaner sent a team of friendly and professional cleaners. They took care of the job with ease and delivered a top-notch domestic cleaning service! Would hire them again!    
R. Mathers10/03/2017

       If I ever need a cheap one-off cleaning service again, I'll call Cristal Palace Cleaning Company straight away. They charged a nominal cost to clean my whole flat, top to bottom. Very impressive indeed!    
Stanley K.28/10/2016

       If you are anything like me, then getting a cleaner in is sometimes not possible because you find yourself trying to second guess all of their efforts and are never really happy with the results. I guess my own high standards were holding me back, but that was until I decided to give CrystalPalaceCleaners a go after being impressed with their work in a friend's home. Thus far, I am more than impressed. High quality services which I cannot find a fault with. Don't think that's ever happened before. Will be happy to recommend them to everyone.    
Eloise Norton07/01/2015

       My home has long been mess and I wanted to change that. Knowing that I'd struggle to do it myself, I called up CrystalPalaceCleaners. They were able to help me with everything, from advice to sending team to my address. They saw to my home cleaning swiftly and got rid of every speck of dust, dirt and mess. Their team where hardworking and professional, and I know if my home ever becomes too messy again, I'll call them without delay.    
Arthur Cook18/12/2014

       I would never go back to doing my own housework since using the services of CrystalPalaceCleaners. I have a full weekend all to myself now, rather than spending time doing chores. Being a dog owner, I arrange to get my upholstery cleaned every three months and my sofa always looks clean and smells fresh for weeks afterwards. I have also had my oven cleaned by them. I worked out that taking into account buying the oven cleaner myself, the time and inconvenience not to mention the mess, it is well worth the money getting someone else to do it. Thanks.    
Rebecca T.05/11/2014

       First off, I'd like to say; if you want to hire a cleaning company but have always been too nervous to do so, then I suggest that you do. I was in the same boat a short while back, and I now wish that I had hired CrystalPalaceCleaners ages ago! Their staff did a fantastic job, cleaning every corner of my home with the right tools and all of the right skills required. This company provides a service that's worthy of a more expensive price tag, but their actual prices are more than affordable! Seriously, there's no other cleaning company in the area that comes close!    

       I'm quite a stickler for cleanliness in my home and the windows of my house are no exception. I needed a window cleaning service that offered a great quality clean but that wasn't too expensive and it's taken me many, many months to find the company that I was looking for. CrystalPalaceCleaners have provided me with fantastically clean windows for some time now, and I've never experienced such fantastic customer service or such a great level of cleanliness before. My windows always look sparklingly clean and my home looks so much better for it! I love this service and recommend them to everyone!    
Ben Lee08/07/2014

       I was away on business abroad a lot and didn't have time to clean my apartment. The place was getting dusty and I was fed up of not finding the time to do it myself. I was given the name and number of a company a friend used every month. CrystalPalaceCleaners were easy to deal with the office were friendly and helpful. I arranged a date for a spring clean first to see how the work was. I wasn't disappointed the cleaners did a fantastic job. They paid a great deal of attention to every bit of the place. They now clean every week for me. The price and service is brilliant.    
Alexander Cunningham12/06/2014

       You will not find a better cleaning team on this planet than CrystalPalaceCleaners. They really are the cream of the crop, and I should know, because I have had about six different cleaning companies over the last few years. We have moved house a few times for work, and I always had to get a new cleaner in each time we moved, but this team are the best that I have seen so far. You will hopefully see for yourself, but the service, customer care and prices are absolutely excellent, and I could not do it without them!    
Judith Adams14/05/2014

       Having a cleaning service once a week is my dirty secret! I don't tell anyone, but I am seriously pleased with how well they get the house cleaned. The team are great to have around when I am in, and there is always time for a quick cup of tea, though that never seems to get in the way of a decent cleaning job in no time at all! Having used a few other companies, it is safe to say that these guys are at the top of their game, and I will be using them for a fair while longer!    
Duane Bowman29/04/2014

       These cleaners are ideal they did a great job in my house. They left the place absolutely spotless and gleaming, I couldn't believe how thorough they were and even parts of my home that I wasn't too bothered about (a few stains on the carpet and sofa) they gave me advice and thoroughly cleaned the items. It was definitely money well spent, and I have recommended them to all of my friends. I will definitely be calling CrystalPalaceCleaners back again and for the price that they charge I think they can fit their wide range of services into anyone's budget.    
Karen D.08/04/2014

       I am a little OCD when it comes to cleaning. So, when my office wasn't looking as great as I would want it to, I decided to call CrystalPalaceCleaners, since I didn't have the time to clean it myself. The next day I walked into the office and I was flabbergasted! The office was absolutely spotless to the point where even as OCD like me couldn't find any faults. I have never looked back and have been using this company to clean my office on a regular basis. They have never overcharged me and this shows that they are not all about making money which makes a change!    
Jillian Greg27/03/2014

       I used to spend so much time worrying about the grime in my home and how it might affect my young children, but my house is quite big, and finding the time to get down on my hands and knees and give it the proper scrub it deserved wasn't just giving me nightmares - it was next to impossible with my schedule as well! CrystalPalaceCleaners were my first choice of professional cleaning companies because a friend of mine swears by them, and I wasn't let down by my cleaner! The job they did was impressive and really thorough too. I get my house cleaned regularly now and don't have any qualms about my children's health and safety anymore!    

       This is such an amazing cleaning company! I've never used a professional cleaning service before but I'd always wanted to find one I could rely on to get my house looking fantastically clean. A neighbour told me about CrystalPalaceCleaners and I was blown away by the great service and the really affordable prices! Every single part of my home, from my bathroom walls to my kitchen floors was spotlessly clean after my cleaner had left, and I'd barely even noticed that she'd been there! This is a great service for anyone who needs help keeping their home clean and tidy and I thoroughly recommend them to anyone!    

       I never thought I'd be the kind of person that wrote a review on the internet for a cleaning company, but there is a first time for everything. CrystalPalaceCleaners are absolutely excellent at what they do. I have been using them for a number of months now, and I have had nothing but excellent work form them. I have sometimes found it hard to deal with cleaners in the past, but these guys are great to be around, and always do a good job. The price is excellent as well, so great value across the board!    
Benjamin Cooper07/01/2014

       Talk about quality service from start to finish. CrystalPalaceCleaners's team were so helpful on the phone after I called them - maintaining a clean home around work and play had just got too much. They talked through their services and we decided on a weekly time for a cleaner to come round and that was over six months ago! I have now got back into cycling as a consequence of having more free time and less on my plate in terms of cleaning duties. And if ever I need anything extra, I just pick up the phone! So good.    
Francesca Lloyd28/11/2013

       Having a great cleaner will really change how your day goes ahead, as you will have a lot more time to do what you want to! If you are busy like I am, then you may find that cleaning the house is not very high on your list of priorities, and this is certainly a bad thing, as it means that your place never gets cleaned! Having a company like CrystalPalaceCleaners will mean that you are able to really relax on the matter, as you know that they will be doing a much better job than you could!    
Derick Carter13/11/2013

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