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Ways To Keep Your Office Clean Ways To Keep Your Office Clean 16 December 2014

A clean and organized office not only looks nice but also helps cultivate optimum productivity within its employees. With the amount of work going on in a business and the number of people who walk through your office doors, it is very easy for your workplace to get dirty. Here we talk about a few helpful cleaning tips that will help you stay on top of your office cleaning. 1.    Entrance matsThe essential step to prevent your office from getting dirtier than it needs to be is to place door mats at every entrance way. Make sure you cover a considerable area near the entrances so that all the dust, dirt, snow and other particles that are normally tracked into your office on the soles of shoes are trapped not too far from the door. This will not only help keep your floor clean, it will also save you a lot of money in frequently hiring carpet cleaning services. 2.    De-clutterThe more stuff you have lying around your office, the more surfaces there are for dust to gather. To avoid that and free up space, put away things that you no longer need or need less frequently. For example, put the old printer in the storeroom, stack the old magazines on the waiting room coffee table in the library or loft, move that extra table to some place where it can be useful. Reuse or discard stuff instead of just leaving them lying around.3.    Stay digitalIf you look carefully, you will notice that the maximum amount of rubbish that is generated in your office is paper. Not only does it cost your company a lot of money to print everything and store files in cabinets, the waste paper also creates a lot of clutter. Instead, resort to digitalizing your entire file section, this will not only free up your desk space and ease the way you operate but also make your office workings much more environmentally sustainable. 4.    Clean regularlyYour office gets dirty not only because of the foot traffic it receives but also because of the weather outside. Don’t wait too long to get your floors, carpets, bathrooms and windows cleaned. Hire a professional cleaning agency to work for you at regular intervals, especially if you do not have an in-house janitorial staff. A clean office is necessary not only to impress your clients, but also for the increase in work productivity of your employees. 5.    DisinfectEvery year, a majority of the workforce is forced to be absent from work because of illnesses they contracted from work. Because there are so many people walking in and out of your office every day, it is imperative that you keep your touch areas such as door handles, countertops, keyboards, bathrooms, germ-free. Hire a commercial cleaning service on a regular basis to sanitize your workplace in a way that meets commercial health standards. 6.    Reflect and criticizeNo matter how busy you are during your work day, do spare a few moments to look around your office and objectively observe how it would appear to someone walking into your workplace. Does it look neat and organized, or shabby and cluttered? Is there dust bunnies gathering under your work table, does it look like a wired mess behind your workstations? First impressions matter a great deal when it comes to bagging a contract and your office environment is the first thing the clients are likely to notice when they enter your workplace. In the end, you will realize that hiring a good cleaning company is worth the investment you make.

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