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Top Tips for Office Cleaning! Top Tips for Office Cleaning! 20 March 2014

Offices are generally busy places, especially for big companies. On a daily basis the office will be subjected to many ‘feet in and out’ from staff, visitors and clients. Then we are expected to see an array of different lunches consumed at the many different desks, endless amounts of tea, coffee and other soft drinks around the place and finally the general untidiness of scrap paper, drawing pins, staples and all other office stationery lurking around the place so keeping on top of the cleaning is an absolute must.

Tip 1 - Keeping on top of things,

To prevent the office from becoming an unorganised mess or to put it bluntly, somewhat resembling a pigsty the cleaning duties should be attended to on a regular basis, in fact for large offices Daily cleaning is the only way to keep things in order and to allow the business to run smoothly.

Tip 2 - Hiring the professionals,

Depending on the size of the company you may wish to hire a cleaning agency to attend to the general office cleaning, at the end of a busy working day. Most cleaning contractors will come fully equipped to clean the whole office, ready for that fresh start the next working day. Contractors tend to clean everything from floors to walls, debris is picked up, spillages are dealt with, and a general tidy up of the place is performed.

Tip 3 - help to cut business costs!

This regular attendance of agency cleaners ensures that the office is kept in pretty good shape and it also helps to reduce business costs in the long run. For example if flooring is not cleaned thoroughly it will start to appear old and grubby (Which is not a good look for a business) and will have to replaced quite often, which could be pricey especially for larger offices. Also an unclean office becomes a messy office and mess leads to things being lost or misplaced, if vital office equipment or stationary is lost, it will need to be replaced.

Tip 4 - ‘One-Off’ deep cleaning is important!

Although day to day office cleaning is effective for the longevity of the office appearance, general wear and tear will start to show over time, and this inevitable, however there are things you can do as a ‘One-Off’ which may be your saving grace, before you start hard hitting the ‘petty cash’. Some companies will perform a ‘Deep Clean’ which is designed to thoroughly clean those areas that general day to cleaning can’t manage. For example cleaners can vacuum carpets and mop flooring on a daily basis to help to remove excess debris and slight surface stains, however you cannot avoid deep grounded stains from ever appearing. Most office carpets and floorings are bound to start showing signs of ‘Good Use’ eventually, especially around desks and high traffic areas! Hiring the help of ‘One-off’ professional carpet and floor cleaners can give office flooring a new blast of life; the professional cleaners are trained and have the right equipment to tackle even the most stubborn stains, they can make old grubby carpets appear fresh and clean again and give other types of flooring a wax and a buff for a new shiny appearance. This is well worth a shot before you think about replacement, its more affordable than the latter.

Tip 5 - DIY cleaners

For smaller business you may wish to clean the office yourself as it may be more cost effective to do so. To keep on top of things, duties should be relatively straight forward with daily maintenance of tidiness, a weekly through clean and an occasional deep clean, this should help to reduce business costs and need for replacement in a similar way to the larger companies but on a much smaller scale.

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