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Quick Cleaning Tips With Results You Can Be Proud Of Quick Cleaning Tips With Results You Can Be Proud Of 20 May 2015

In today’s day and age there’s not really enough time in the day to spend scrubbing away for hours and hours on end. With hectic work schedules and busy family lives, hiring the services of a professional cleaning company is always an option. But when you’re watching the pennies, wouldn’t it be better if you knew what to do yourself? There’s no need to hire professional cleaners when you have these house cleaning tips. So give them a go, save yourself some cash, and afterwards, marvel at the results, knowing that it was your own time and effort that went into making your house clean.

1.    Create a list.
List the jobs that you want to tackle in order of difficulty and tick them off as you go along. The process will gradually become easier and you’ll be less likely to pack it in when you see the list becoming shorter and shorter.

2.    Make sure you have clean and functioning equipment.
Go through your storage cupboard and inspect all your equipment and cleaning supplies. If dirty of dusty, clean them before you get started with home cleaning. Mops can be cleaned by simply washing them in a bucket of soapy water. Scrub your mop with your hands then squeeze out thoroughly before you begin any mopping. Sponges can also be cleaned in soapy water or by zapping them in the microwave for thirty seconds or so which will eradicate any nasty germs and bacteria. However, if you’re planning to do a major clean, it’s best just to get some new sponges. If you’re going to clean your entire house, you’re going to get through plenty of sponges. They’re cheap to buy and often come in packs of five or more, so get a few packs because you’ll definitely need them. Also make sure that your vacuum cleaner is in working condition. The vacuum cleaner is a vital piece of equipment, so it’s essential that you keep it in working order. If you feel that it’s spluttering a bit, losing some suction power and is on its last legs, it’s well worth getting a new one, because a powerful vacuum cleaner can be used to clean a range of different areas and is quick and easy to use.

3.    Hard floor cleaning.
If your floors are dusty, the simplest way to get rid of dust is to clean them using a damp mop. But if dirty, marked and stained, add some soap or a mild detergent to the water, then scrub and mop your hard floors. If you fancy giving your floors the special treatment, why not consider waxing them or giving them a polish? Doing this will make you floors look shiny, beautiful and clean, but don’t go being hasty because you may have to strip your floors first and then buffer them afterwards for a perfect finish.

4.    Clean and clear windows can make all the difference.
Let your rooms get flooded in natural light which will make them seem airy and fresh and will also make you see anything else that needs to be taken care of. Scrub your windows inside and out if possible, with some soapy water, buff with some scrunched up newspaper, then dry immediately with a clean cloth.

5.    Get rid of dust and dirt from your upholstery material.
Upholstery cleaning can be carried out by gently wiping the material with a soft cloth dampened with a soapy water solution, or alternatively by using some wet wipes. Make sure that it’s damp and not wet because you don’t want to saturate the fabric.

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