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Getting Rid Of Blood Stains Getting Rid Of Blood Stains 10 April 2014

Whilst the reason for having blood on a carpet or sofa may be a slightly more pressing issue, blood stains are a difficult thing to get rid of! Though you may be slightly busy attending to the person who is bleeding, it is important that you can also make sure that you are able to get the stains out of your carpet without causing a larger red mess! In the event that you are able to attend to the stain straight away, then you will likely have a much better chance of ridding yourself of the mark in an effective way. There are many ways in which you can lift a stain out of various fabrics, so don’t despair until you really have to!For a start, as with all stains, it is important to keep the pigment in the staining liquid diluted, so that it does not dry in to the fibers. You will find that drying out is one of the main reasons that a stain will be hard to shift, as once the pigment has dried in to the fibers, the process of cleaning will not do much to remove it! However, it is also important to get rid of as much excess pigment that has not soaked into the carpet, so you need to be simultaneously dabbing at the stain to remove any excess blood, whilst also keeping it from drying out. Use water to keep the stain soluble, and use a clean cloth or paper towel to dab at the stain, replacing it as it gets dirty, to prevent the stain spreading. Avoid wiping at the stain, as otherwise you will move the pigment into a larger area, and this can make the stain a much more visible issue!Once you feel that you have gotten as much of the excess blood out, you should apply your cleaning product. Many people will keep stain removing products in the house, but if you don’t have any, there are things that you can do to get around the issue. Wetting the stain thoroughly having removed the excess will potentially give you enough time to run to the shops, but not much more than half an hour, as otherwise you risk the stain drying out and becoming a permanent feature! Otherwise, you can make up a paste of salt and baking soda in equal parts, with a little water. Applying this paste will act a little like an oxy-cleaner, as the baking soda will bubble away at the stain, lifting it from the fibers, whilst the salt will absorb the pigment. As this dries out, scrape it away and see how well it has done. If you feel it needs more time, reapply the paste, scrubbing it into the carpet a little, to really clean down deep! If this method does not work, and you find that shop bought stain removers are similarly ineffective, then you may well want to try digestive enzymes, which can be bought from a health food shop, on the stain. Grind the powder into the stain, with a little water, and the enzymes should eat away at the stain, removing it. If this is not effective, then you will need to get the stain dry cleaned or steam cleaned by a professional. Call a stain removals company and see what they advise, as their experience and know how will mean that they are well equipped to get the stain removed easily.

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