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Cheap And Easy Cleaning - Eco-Friendly Way Cheap And Easy Cleaning - Eco-Friendly Way 04 February 2014

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get our homes sparkly fresh and clean and without having to spend an absolute fortune to do it?
Well now you can, thanks to eco-friendly cleaning!

What is Eco-friendly cleaning?
Eco-friendly cleaning is a the modern way to clean you homes, it uses natural resources and is proven to be as effective if not more effective than any conventional methods.

Eco-friendly cleaning is a combination of ordinary household products that are used as cleaning agents. These items are usually things that people may already have stored in their kitchen cupboards such as, Vinegar, baking soda and lemons or lemon juice.

What else?
Other than general household items some people, who are adapting to a greener way of life, may also use steam cleaners to clean various items around the home such as hobs, tiles, flooring, carpets, curtains, kitchens, bathrooms and sofas etc.
Steam is a natural product produced from clear water, No chemicals! No detergents! No harmful substances!
Is it cheaper to go green?

Of course! Going green means that you do not have to stock up on various different cleaning agents any longer and instead you use those normal everyday items as an alternative.
Investing in a steam cleaner is only a one-off payment that you will make and then after that the steam cleaner is refilled using tap water, as it when you need to use it.

What are the benefits?
Going green has many benefits, firstly financially, you will be better off when you no longer have to purchase pricey cleaning agents on a regular basis! You may find this to be more beneficial as time goes by!
Secondly, health wise, it can work wonders for your health and well-being because eco-friendly cleaning eliminates harmful chemicals, often found in normal day to day products. The only substances you use are completely natural resources. This helps to promote a fresher, cleaner and primarily safer environment for you and your family at home.
Thirdly, it’s much quicker and equally if not more effective at cleaning. Without having to switch form product to product as you move on to the next thing you clean, you speed up your cleaning time. Greener products are extremely effective at removing even the most stubborn patches of mould and mildew which mean less scrubbing and a faster job done! If you use a steam cleaner around the home you will notice how quickly the treated area dries compared to cleaning it in the conventional way.

Is it for everyone?
It can be, although those who are not sure about it are probably unaware of how effective it is. You have to try it, to find out. For anyone leaving rented accommodation, it’s a quick fix that should impress your landlord.

How can I try it out first?
You could opt to hire domestic cleaning agents to come into your home and do a dummy run, just to show you the ropes. Cleaning companies often use green product nowadays to cut costs, promote a greener society and because they are remarkably effective.

Why doesn’t everybody go green, if it so brilliant?

Unfortunately there are still people out there who are unaware of eco-friendly cleaning and how cost effectively brilliant it actually is, but fortunately for those of us who are aware and who have maybe already switched to this greener way of life, opens doors to others. It’s like a new trend, once one person starts promoting how great it is, it does not take long for others to catch on and before you know it the pattern grows.

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