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Bathroom Cleaning Tips Everyone Should Know Bathroom Cleaning Tips Everyone Should Know 04 November 2014

House cleaning – now, that’s something most of us would want to avoid. And out of all the rooms in a house; the kitchen and the bathroom will always be the most difficult ones to handle. If you plan to do your general bathroom cleaning soon though, you should definitely check out with the following tips because they will prove very useful! 1.    Clean your shower head by immersing it into white vinegar overnight. To make sure it stays in place, the best way to do this is to fill a plastic bag with white vinegar, place the shower head in it and then tie the bag in place. In the morning, rinse well with water. 2.    Shower doors can be cleaned quite easy (and definitely efficiently) with the help of a paste made out of one cup of baking soda mixed with some white vinegar (just enough to make the consistency of the solution feel like a paste). Apply this on the doors and leave it there for one hour. Rinse well afterwards. 3.    If you want sparkly clean tiles and floors in your bathroom, follow this tip. Spray the entire surface of the tiles (and of the floors) with general cleaner. Turn on the shower on very hot water and leave the bathroom (make sure to close the door very well behind you). Allow steam to mix with the all-purpose cleaner and then wipe everything clean. If you want to reach the higher spots of the tiles, use a mop. Also, make sure you clean the floors only after you have already cleaned the tiles; otherwise, they will get messy again while you wipe the tiles and you will have to do the same job twice. 4.    Baking soda will work excellently for your toilet as well. Pour one cup of baking soda in the toilet bowl, allow it to sit for a few minutes, brush well and then flush the toilet. If you still see spots, you may need a pumice stone. Dampen it a bit and use it to brush on the spots you can still see in the toilet bowl. Also, make sure you clean the pumice brush when you are done (and general bleach works well for this). 5.    It is also very important to thoroughly clean the sink as well. Although this may sound surprising, the sink is where most of the bathroom bacteria “resides” (even more than in the toilet bowl, actually). To de-clog the drain, you can always use hot white vinegar or simply baking soda. Also, it is best to make sure you use very clean pieces of cloth when wiping the faucet itself because otherwise you will simply “move” the bacteria from one side to the other one. Generally speaking, using anti-bacterial wet wipes is the best alternative for this kind of “messy” job. 6.    For clean air in the bathroom, you should also remember to clean the ventilation fan. First, you will have to remove the cover and to soak it in water and soap. Using the small vacuum nozzle, remove the dust from the blades of the ventilator. Also, remove the dust from the motor and from the other parts by using a clean tooth brush. 7.    It is of the utmost importance that you learn how to maintain cleanliness in the bathroom as well. Otherwise, bathroom cleaning may be extremely difficult every time you do it. For instance, you should make sure to wash the towels with bleach and to change them every 3-4 days. You should also remember to keep the air flowing in the bathroom because otherwise mildew will easily form in there. Furthermore, do keep in mind the fact that cleaning the bathtub with warm water and with a mildly abrasive cleanser after every use will help you prevent the so-called “bathtub rings”.

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